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Anti-Spam Policy

We hate spam

avidson Press will not knowingly participate in mass email campaigns that are directed to people who have not expressed a desire to receive an advertisement from us.

We only will send email ads to people:

  1. who have asked to be on a list that we maintain ourselves, or

  2. who are on a list that we have rented from an agency provided that the list consists of name of people who have asked to be on the list.

So, we pledge to see that we never email to lists other than lists that the members have asked to be on. Some examples include the members of http://e-sword.net. We feel it's OK to send email to this list, for example, because the members have downloaded a free copy of our ISV New Testament in electronic format. Virtually all of the members on this list love our ISV and want to buy a printed copy when it is available. So they have asked to be on the e-Sword list. And we'll send them an email when the printed copies are available.

If you are on any of our lists and want to be removed, just click here. An email will be generated that will remove your name from our own internal email list. Also, we do have an anti-spam email address: spam@davidsonpress.com.

If you have problems with spam email, may we suggest the following link:  http://www.spamhaus.org.

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