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Yes, the ISV Text Is Changed from Time to TimeThe ISV New Testament (ISBN 1891833138)

The text of all Bible translations are revised from time to time. Even the venerable King James Version was revised decades ago, and the text most people recognize as the KJV would be unrecognizable to a reader from the early 17th century.

So the question is not "if" a Bible translation has been revised, but "which verse" and "why". But a problem comes when you try to determine not only how and where a translation has been modified, and why. The publishers won't tell you. Try getting a list of changes in the NIV from its translation sponsor. Not likely!

The ISV Old Testament Sampler (ISBN 1891833103)The ISV Committee on Translation does not make changes to the text of the ISV on a whim. Changes are not taken lightly. Much serious study is given to the English text of the ISV and changes are made only when deemed necessary by the Committee. And no publisher, or licensee of the publisher, has any say in the process. Publishers of the ISV are required to publish the text of the ISV as released by the ISV Foundation, the sponsor and copyright holder of the text of the ISV Bible.

ISV Policy on Version ISV New Testament Preview Release (out of print)Changes

It is the policy of Davidson Press to publish on the Internet all changes made in the text of the ISV Bible. These changes include clarifications of translation issues, corrections of minor typographical errors, etc. The changes in the text are released in the form of a database formatted as a Change Table.

The current release of the ISV Change Table (CT 1.4) incorporates changes made to the text of the ISV New Testament by the Committee on Translation. The tables reflect changes in the latest build of the ISV New Testament. No additional builds are expected to be released (either in print or on the Internet) until the ISV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is released.

A Harmony of the Gospels from the ISV New Testament (ISBN 1891833308)The ISV is Different

We have a different philosophy about our text revisions. We call it "open source". We don't mean that quite like the term is used in the computer software industry. But we do mean that we'll tell you how the text has been modified from release number to release number. We do that through our industry-unique "Change Tables".

You see, like software, we have assigned Release Numbers to the text of the ISV. Our current release number for the ISV New Testament is 1.4 -- that is to say, Build 1, Release 4. When the ISV Bible is complete, it will carry a new build and release number: ISV 2.0. (There will be no ISV 1.0 for the completed ISV Bible; the 1.0 designator was reserved for the ISV New Testament only.)

There have been 4 Release Numbers of the ISV New Testament; five, if you count the Preview Release (1.00). Below is a table with links to PDF files of the Change Tables, so you can see how the text was revised from our earliest Preview Release (in paperback back in 1998) to our first hardback (ISV 1.01).

Note that the ISV NT 1.3 is our current printed release, and it has been published in printed form only through a Print-On-Demand (POD) format. It is available from our Company Store. The ISV NT 1.4 has only been published in a PDF version. We expect to publish our next printed edition of the ISV NT 1.4 as the ISV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs.

See these important links from the ISV Foundation's website:

What's in the Latest Release of the ISV?

What's Coming in the Next Release of the ISV?

In the list of Change Tables below, our most current Change Table (1.40) is on top. Our earlier releases are on the bottom. Please note, however, that there were a few minor changes made in some internal editions of the ISV NT which were never published in any printed form, or which were not released to the public in PDF formats. Change tables for these minor releases have not been posted by Davidson Press, but they have been posted by the ISV Foundation. These very minor release changes are available for further review from this link: http://isv.org/downloads/change_tables.htm.

If you want to see changes from... ...then download this Change Table
This Release... to This Release...
ISV NT 1.40 ISV 2.0 Coming Soon!
ISV NT 1.30 ISV NT 1.40 Table 1.40
ISV NT 1.20 ISV NT 1.30 Table 1.30
ISV NT 1.10 ISV NT 1.20 Table 1.20
ISV NT 1.00 ISV NT 1.10 Table 1.10
Preview Release 1.00 ISV NT 1.00 Table 1.00
Some Early Revisions ISV PR 1.00 Notes

Rules for Downloading the Change Table(s)

All Change Tables are protected by copyright and may be reproduced one time by an individual end-user. Permission to reproduce the Change Table is granted by Davidson Press to the end user for the personal use or study by the end user only. You may not reproduce the Change Table, in whole or in part, by making a photocopy of any portion of the Change Table for a friend; the friend must download his or her own copy from this site. You may not re-print any portion of the change table in any book review, magazine or other book or publication without the expressed written permission of Davidson Press.  Please note: permission to reproduce Change Tables in whole or in part is rarely, if ever, granted.

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