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The Failure of the Right

One in a series of publications by the "Thomas Jefferson" of Israel.
First posted 25 June, 2006. Also read The Myth of Israeli Democracy.
More articles are available via http://www.foundation1.org.

The Failure of the Right

Prof. Paul Eidelberg 

For more than three decades, Europe has been dominated by the Left, by its post-Christian politicians, professors, and journalists. Today Europe is dying—Arabized. But as Oriana Fallaci has boldly pointed out, the Right is no less to blame for Europe’s cultural demise.

By the “Right” she means “nationalists” who, whether in France or in Holland, could have galvanized the people of their respective countries against the Left’s multiculturalism and permissive Arab immigration laws which have stripped each nation of its cultural heritage. The Right failed to counter the Left’s rhetoric that the nation-state is obsolete, that nationalism conduces to war, and that democratic universalism must be the basis of the New World Order.

Thus speaks the post-Jewish Left in Israel, which, like its European counterpart, is collaborating with Arabs to strip Israel of its national character in the name of democratic universalism. But here, too, the Right, or so-called nationalist camp, has failed to galvanize the people against the Left. The Right has allowed the Left to undermine the cultural heritage of the Jewish people in the name of democracy, a form of government having no ethnic or religious character.

Ironically, however, and despite its periodic multiparty elections, Israel is not a democracy. Analysis of its legislative, executive, and judicial institutions reveals that Israel has never had a democratic system of governance!  Political theorist Henry Mayo correctly states that “A political system is democratic to the extent that decisions-makers are under effective popular control.

But decisions-makers in Israel are not and cannot be under effective popular control so long as members of the Knesset—and more than 20 become cabinet ministers—are not individually elected by the voters in regional elections.

The Right—politicians, professors, and journalists—will not tell the people the truth about Israel’s undemocratic system of governance. Why not?

Don’t they know that in 1949 Israel’s provisional government, instead of drafting a constitution as prescribed by its Declaration of Independence, proclaimed itself the Knesset (parliament) and thus established a form of government without the consent of the people?

Don’t they know that Israel’s Government can conclude agreements foreign states—and has done so even with terrorist organizations proscribed by law—without Knesset ratification, hence without public debate?

Don’t they know that Israel’s system of governance enables the prime minister to ignore the will of the people with impunity, as former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon did when he adopted Labor’s “unilateral disengagement” policy, which had been rejected by a vast majority of the voters in the January 2003 election?

Don’t they know that this system of governance enabled 67 Knesset members to legalize that criminal policy by voting for the Evacuation Law, even though 84 of the Knesset’s 120 members opposed “unilateral disengagement” in the January 2003 election?

Don’t they know that this betrayal of the electorate is a direct consequence of the fact that of the world’s 76 reputed democracies, Israel is the only one in which members of parliament are not individually accountable to the voters in constituency elections—and that of these democracies 28 have smaller populations while 18 are smaller in size than Israel?

Hence, don’t they know that former Likud cabinet minister Moshe Arens’ recent statement, “that the parliamentary system of government that we have is the one of most common amongst democracies in the world,” is utterly false, and that his saying “It has functioned very well” is disingenuous?

Don’t they know—doesn’t Mr. Arens  know—that Israel’s parliament is not only subservient to the Government, but that, like no other parliament, it has allowed the Supreme Court to become a super-legislature?

Don’t they know—doesn’t Mr. Arens, a member of the nationalist camp, know—that Israel’s system of governance has enabled this unelected Supreme Court to deny Israel’s lawful and historical right to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza—which is only one of the court’s many judicial rulings that violate the abiding convictions and permanent interests of the Jewish people? (Several of these rulings are set forth in my booklet, “The Myth of Israeli Democracy,” http://www.cafepress.com/eidelberg.)

These facts are obvious to politicians, professors, and journalists of the Right. They know that Israel is not a democracy, but they cannot or dare not say so. Why not? Three reasons.

First:  Israel’s ruling elites—Right and Left—know that the democratic façade of periodic multiparty elections placates the masses, while the absence of constituency elections enables these elites to ignore the masses. As part of the Establishment, these elites are not about to commit political suicide.  

The second reason is more profound: Israel’s ruling elites—Right and Left—cannot transcend the democratic mentality of the present age. Democracy is their supreme standard of what is politically good and bad, right and wrong. Having no higher standard, politicians, professors, and journalists of the Right could not expose the myth of Israeli democracy even while the Government was expelling 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gaza and northern Samaria in the name of democracy!

Even while this crime was being orchestrated by Mr. Sharon and legalized by Chief Justice Aharon Barak—who mendaciously ruled that Gaza as well as Judea and Samaria constitute “belligerent occupied territory”—politicians, professors, and journalists of the Right persisted in referring to Israel as “democracy,” but of course one whose principles were being violated by the government.  

Israel’s “politically correct” Right—politicians, professors, and journalists—may go so far as to say that Israel is an “imperfect” democracy. Some will admit the obvious, that the Supreme Court has usurped legislative as well as executive powers. But who among these decision-makers and opinion-makers has the wherewithal to say that Israel, quite apart from the judicial imperialism of Judge Barak, is not and never has been a democracy?

But there is a third and deadlier reason why the Right—again, the so-called nationalist camp—perpetuates the myth of Israeli democracy:  Israel’s ruling elites—Right and Left—know that the government’s legitimacy as well as their own respectability is derived from Israel’s reputation as a democracy, especially in the United States.

The Right will not expose the myth of Israeli democracy even though this myth or pseudo-democracy is facilitating the treacherous agenda of the Left, is undermining Israel’s Jewish character and territorial integrity (hence national security).

Of course, the Right, like the Left, will counter that Israel’s democratic reputation is a precondition of U.S. military and economic aid. Not so! Joseph Sisco, a former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, once told the Israeli author Shmuel Katz: “I want to assure you, Mr. Katz, that if we were not getting full value for our money, you would not get a cent from us. Decisive in U.S.-Israel relations are not ostensible common values but actual common interests.

In fact, Israel’s democratic reputation is counterproductive! It is precisely because of its democratic reputation that Israel is expected to (1) engage in territorial compromises with its genocidal enemies; (2) make “confidence building” gestures to its enemies by releasing Arab terrorists; (3) exercise self-restraint against terrorist attacks that have reduced Jewish women, men, and children to body parts; and (4) recognize the factitious right of the fictional Palestinian people to independent statehood on Jewish land.

That Israel’s leftwing political and judicial elites have betrayed the Jewish heritage in the name of democracy, and that they have promoted the cause of Israel’s enemies by their lip service to democracy, is unsurprising. But that the Right—politicians, professors, and journalists—should engage in this democratic rhetoric to secure their democratic credentials is no less contemptible. Indeed, this democratic flim-flam is not only emasculating Israel—as is evident from the Government’s failure to put a stop to the bombing of Israeli towns such as Sderot. No, the myth of Israeli democracy is actually leading to the Arabization of this country.  

Nothing less than Regime Change can save Israel from extinction.

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